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Voices In My Head

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Linnea Micciulla, vocals and keyboard; Mike Loce, guitar


Oh, if I could read lips
Or communicate in sign
Then baby you could share with me
Just what's on your mind

But unfortunately
I can't make out what you said
You see, I just can't quite hear you
Over the voices in my head

See the voices in my head
The ones that live between my ears
Are finally awake
After oh so many years!

And they're singing and dancing
And their having a great time
They've finished off the pizza
And they're half way through the wine!

Oh those voices love to party
Oh how they love to jam
I remember the music
But forget who I am

Now they're kicking up their heels
Strolling down memory lane
Those voice in my head
Are really messing up my brain!

And I can't turn them off
Once they're turned on
So you'll just have to wait till they take their nest break

You could try again later
Or write a letter instead
Cause I'm sorry, just can't hear you
Over the voices in my head