Interested in taking piano lessons?

I am currently accepting new piano students! Lessons for students of any age, either at my home studio or at your house.

You can reach me at musicwithlinnea at gmail dot com.

Standard Rates for 2017:

$25 / 30 minute lesson at my house
$45 / 60 minute lesson at my house

$30 / 30 minute lesson at your house in Nashua
$50 / 60 minute lesson at your house in Nashua

Additional charge for travel outside Nashua

Discounts available based on financial need.

Why learn to play a musical instrument?

I believe that music is part of who we are as human beings. Intuitively, most of us understand that music can have a profound effect on our emotional state, it makes us cry and laugh, sing and dance, allows us to express that which we cannot express with words. Music brings us comfort and joy, stops us in our tracks, and gets us moving again.

Although music has been a part of human experience for as long as we have historical records, scientists have recently been exploring the beneficial impact of music on the brain, and specifically, the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

My approach

I believe that learning to play an instrument should be enriching and FUN! Like learning a language, learning music is partly about self-expression and self-exploration. I help students understand the benefits of the process of learning music, and I make an effort to understand the students' goals. 
The importance of improvising...
The importance of theory...

Some good reads

Here's a nice article on practicing - the importance of how to handle mistakes!

I highly recommend this book! A beautiful way to approach practicing in a mentally and physically healthy way.
The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart